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PIN Security

Protect ID Scanner Data

All CardVisor Age verifiers can secure the transaction data with a user selected PIN code.  Transaction data records (stored in MemoPad) are marked Private and may be hidden or masked by entering a PIN code via the security application on the main screen.    Shown below is what the transaction data stored in MemoPad look like when shown, masked or hidden.

Transaction Data Visible Transaction Data Masked Transaction Data Hidden

To set the PIN code, select the Security Application (shown below) from the Home screen.  Then select Mask Records or Hide Records from the Current Privacy Menu.  Selecting either will prompt a Password or PIN code to be entered which must then be confirmed.

Security App.-lower right Select Show or Mask Enter Password


Confirm Password Mask Records Enabled Hide Records Enable

Note: If the PIN code or Password is forgotten, there is no way to recover it via the standard security application.  Resetting the Password will delete all the transaction data.  Use this feature with caution.

Note: This same PIN code can be to 'lock' the system so that turning it back on requires the PIN code.  Again, use this feature with caution as forgetting the PIN code requires a hard reset which will erase all data in the handheld.

Note: Version 3.5 of the Palm OS Security application (Platinum, Neo, Prism, Pro, Edge are version 3.5) lets private data be hidden or masked.  Version 3.1 (Deluxe, Solo have version 3.1) can only hide private data.  Below is the Security Screen from version 3.1. 

Security Palm OS ver. 3.1






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