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QuikLead Software

QuikLeadTM software is a sales/marketing package based on our ID software.  It rapidly captures name/address information from a drivers license and then allows an operator to enter additional contact data (email/phone) plus specific notes such as product interest, buying timeline, follow up action, etc.  Clients use these scanners at trade shows, concerts and events and have found them vastly superior to paper based solutions.  This solution is 100% electronic so the information is available immediately after the event plus the contact information is far more accurate than paper based solutions. 

Shown below is one example of the main screen.  This screen is normally modified to suite specific client requests.  Items such as pull down menus, check boxes and text input fields can be requested.  Each customer request is unique and we typically charge a day of consulting to understand, specify and create software to suite a particular client need.  

Main Screen Pop Up Keyboard

A scan of the license fills out the name/address/city/state/zip fields.  An operator then ask for email, phone and other information which is keyed in to the appropriate fields and saved with the Submit button.  Clients can use either the pop-up keyboard (shown above) or handwriting recognition software that is standard on the Palm computer. 

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