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Z22 Mobile Mobile ID Scanner

IDVisor® Z22 Mobile is a ruggedized handheld ID scanner, perfect for security guards that require a low cost, mobile ID Checker to quickly check patron's age and record valuable transaction data.  A ruggedized design means the unit can withstand a 3 foot drop onto a concrete floor and keep working, important where security personal are concerned.  Its very easy to use, just turn it on and scan or swipe a license.  Displays a large RED X when patron is underage or ID is expired.  A bright color display makes reviewing the data a breeze. It reads and decodes driver licenses and state issued IDs with magnetic stripes and 2D bar codes from 50 states (GA issued after 11/2009), most Canadian IDs and Military IDs (Check Coverage Chart).   Built in Li-Ion batteries recharge in about 4 hours and will easily last an entire night's use.  Just recharge at the end of the night or leave it plugged in all the time. 

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Screen Shots
OK->Under 21->Under 18->ID Expired
Note: Martini Glass & Cigarette Icons

IDVisor® Z22  Packages come standard with CardVisor II software and may be upgraded with VIP/Banned list and/or AntiPass Back software.   All packages include everything needed to start checking IDs and are charged before shipping.  Just remove from package, turn on and starting checking licenseses! 

  • Reads magnetic stripes and 2D bar codes Licenses from 50 states (GA issued after 11/2009), most Canadian provinces (including National Health ID) and Military IDs (see coverage chart).
  • Simple operation - no buttons to press.  Just scan/swipe licenses and display updates.
  • Easy Setup - Simply unpack, turn on and start checking IDs.
  • Intuitive Martini Glass/Cigarette Icons indicate under 21 and/or under 18 alarm events.  
  • Ruggedized design-PDA is embedded in protective case - Call us to see a video of the unit dropping 3 feet onto a concrete floor six times in a row.
  • Bar Code reader sets a new benchmark for readability and ease of use. No need to "aim" or "focus", simply insert and remove the card as you would with an ATM transaction.
  • Configurable Age Thresholds - pick from Under 18, 19, 20 and/or 21, each with one of six possible Audible Alarms.  Also alarms if ID is expired.
  • Built in Li-Ion rechargeable batteries Runs for weeks or swipe 6000+ licenses on single charge. No bulky external battery packs!
  • Stores last  9000 (with code released Jan 2009) ID scans in memory for optional download—substantiates due diligence/ affirmative defense and/or build customer database
  • Fast throughput - 1-2 seconds for response
  • Standalone - no wires to a PC/Laptop, no telephone line required
  • Video/photo capture possible by using transaction date/time stamp to synchronize with venue security video system. 
  • 32 Mbytes of non-volatile transaction storage memory
  • Includes Color Palm OS Z22 handheld computer with built in Palm applications Address book, Date book, Note Pad - download other Palm applications
  • Transaction download software and cables included. No extra software to purchase ($150 to $250 value). 
  • Plays Long, Short or No Birthday Song
  • PIN Security protects license data on scanner
  • Scroll, search and delete license data on device—no PC required.
  • Optional VIP/Banned Database and Append Notes capability
  • Optional Anti Pass-Back capability
  • Optional Hand strap Kit provides Metal Brackets for Neoprene strap to secure hand to back of unit and eyelets to connect items such as wrist/neck straps.
  • Optional Automobile (Cigarette Lighter) coiled charger cord - popular with law enforcement clients.

All packages store key transaction data which is vital when proving that an ID was checked.  Also included is hardware and software to download this transaction data to a PC for secure archiving or creating a mailing list.  Don't pay hundreds of dollars more for the ability to download name/address transaction data! 

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IDVisor Z22 Mobile
Qty: Price: $1295
VIP/Banned List Software upgrade for $100
Anti-Pass Back Software upgrade for $100
Hand strap - Factory Installed for $35
Automobile Charger for $19

IDVisor Z22 Mobile
includes everything needed to start checking IDs.  It includes age verification software loaded into IDVisor Z22 handheld ID Scanner, wall AC adapter, a USB Hotsync™ Cable, Palm™ Desktop application for Windows or Macintosh™, and documentation. 

$200 off Z22 mobile with discount code: IDVisor

Just enter "IDVisor" as promotion code during checkout to receive a $200 discount


For questions, see the FAQ page, Comparison Chart or give us a call. Pricing and on-line purchase information is listed below.

Includes hardware and software to transfer transaction data to a PC - $250 value.  Used to prove licenses were scanned or for mailing lists.

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