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IDSentryTM software is a visitor logging package based on our ID software.  It rapidly captures name/address information from a drivers license / state issued ID or Military ID (CAC Card or Active Duty) and then allows an operator to enter additional information such as destination in the Note field.  Two large buttons allow the operator to indicate whether the individual is entering or existing the venue/facility.

This software also has the optional the VIP/Banned list module and the AntiPass back modules.

 Shown below is the main screen of the IDSentry package.  

IDSentry Main Screen Pop Up Keypad

A scan of the license fills out the name/Age/Sex/Expiration date and ID Number.  For Military customers, the Rank and SSN number may also be displayed/recorded from the CAC card.  Clients can use either the pop-up keyboard (shown above) or handwriting recognition software that is standard on the Palm computer.

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