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Record Format

Extracted Data from Drivers License  

The driver's license data is parsed and stored in MemoPad application (built-in Palm OS application) under the CardVisor category.  Shown on the left is a list of Parsed  transactions on the main MemoPad screen.    On the right is the detailed data showing the following parsed information; First, Middle, Last Name, Title (Jr., Sr., II, 3rd, etc.), Address, City, State, Zip, Driver's License number (0213654424), Expiration date (YYYYMMDD), Date of Birth YYYYMMDD of birth, Gender (M/F), the status of the swipe (OK, Under 18, Under 19, ID Expired, etc.), and the scan date & time.  Also shown are the field separator characters (^), used when importing the data into programs like Microsoft ACCESS or Microsoft Excel.  See the software section for more details. 

In addition to the parsed data, an unparsed record is also stored in the MemoPad application under the RawData category.  This provides a convenient method to cross check the parsed information, provide technical feedback to TokenWorks and verify additional fields from the driver's license. The unparsed data provides an important source of license formats for software updates.


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