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VIP/Banned Software

The VIP/Banned software option includes a VIP/Banned watch list and an Append Notes feature.  The Banned list lookup feature which allows you to flag individuals (either desired or undesired) with a swipe of their license. Your organization is thus able to provide individualized treatment to customers when they arrive. 

VIP/Banned Hot List

The VIP/Banned software compares the last name on the driver license to a list which you create and upload to the handheld.  The list is called the VIP/Banned list and it contains the first name, last name, driver license number (if known) and status (VIP or Banned).  When a match is found on the last name but there is no exact match on the license number, then a list of possible match candidates is displayed.  Only those who do not have a license number on the list are displayed as possible match candidates since those with a license number can be excluded.  If there is an exact match on the license number, then the confirmed match screen is displayed with the respective status (Banned or VIP).  Shown below are possible and confirmed match sample screens.


VIP/Banned List Status Codes

The status of an individual on the VIP/Banned list is determined by the numeric code assigned to that person.  Below are the values with the associated status.


Printed Message in Bold


Printed Message in Bold


Banned Not allowed


S.0.S.    - Call a supervisor


VIP Very Important Person


Member - Member in good standing


CheckID - Check this ID in detail


Owes $ - Owes Money (new code as of June 2005 release)


911      - Call the Police


RFU -Reserved for Future Use


BarStaf  - Bar Staff


RFU -Reserved for Future Use

Any other value results in an Unknown status message


Append Notes

This VIP/Banned software also includes a unique feature called Append Notes. There is an extra field and 'Append' button on the main screen shown below.  After swiping/scanning a license, it is possible to append a note to the license data such as an email address or phone number or allow a customer to opt-in to a marketing program.  It is can also be used to designate an individual for inclusion on the Banned/VIP list. 



  Just swipe the license, tap on the Note field to place the cursor and then graffiti (built in Palm OS hand writing recognition software) or use the built in pop up touch screen keyboard to enter a note.  After entering the note, then tap the Append button and the .   Shown on the left is the license data with a sample phone number appended as the last field.  When imported into Microsoft Excel, this note would appear in the far right column, which if sorted on, would allow quick identification of key license data.




For questions, see the FAQ page, Comparison Chart or give us a call. Pricing and on-line purchase information is listed below.


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