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IDVisor?  ID Scanner with Age Verification software

Protect your business, employees and patrons with our ID Scanners

Don't risk your liquor or tobacco license by mistakenly serving a minor or undercover law enforcement agent.   An ID Scanner from TokenWorks?/font> Inc. automates and documents the Age Verification process for nightclubs, bars, casinos, liquor stores, convenience stores, Supermarkets, etc. The IDVisor?/font> line of ID Scanners with CardVisor?/font> Age Verification software alarms if an ID is underage or expired and helps identify fake IDs by cross checking the displayed name with that printed on the ID.  It records transactions so you can prove a specific ID was checked at a specific time which is vital when establishing an affirmative defense with state authorities.

Pays for itself by preventing one infraction, typically $1500 in fines, legal fees and lost time (first offense).  On the third offense, most states will revoke a liquor license, effectively putting the company out of business! Don't wait for an infraction to make this investment, take action today and protect your business, employees and patrons.      

Free Software Updates - Free Support - No hidden Fees - No contracts
All our ID Scanner products have had unlimited software updates since first introduced in 2001.  Just visit the support section to download new versions of software.

Brick and Mortar Business - TokenWorks is a C corporation, operating out of commercial office space and have been in business for over 10 years.  Our products are engineered, designed and assembled in America.      

We are the manufacturer and provide factory direct pricing with our Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have questions, don't hesitate to call us toll free at 1-800-574-5034.   

4/1/2009 New Law Mandates ID Scanners in Utah

Z22 Mobile 
Ruggedized Handheld ID Scanner

Starting at $1295.00

$200 off Z22 mobile with discount code: IDVisor = $1095.00
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Z22 Counter Top Model
Stationary ID Scanner


Starting at $995.00

 $100 off Z22 CounterTop with discount code: Sale = $895.00
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Deluxe Model
For Bars in states with a Magnetic Stripe

Price $495-$595 depending on software
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IDVisor Z22 Screen Shots
OK->Under 21->Under 18->ID Expired
Note: Martini Glass & Cigarette Icons 

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Teenage Binge Drinking
Parents of teenagers can influence underage drinking habits.  09/13/2006




All IDVisor?/font> ID Scanner packages store key transaction data which is vital when proving that an ID was checked.  Also included is hardware and software to download this transaction data to a PC for secure archiving or creating a mailing list.  Don't pay hundreds of dollars more for the ability to download name/address transaction data! 




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